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Get honest and legit feedback.

Need help? Get help

Are you suffering from low self-esteem? Do you hate looking in the mirror? You’ve come to the wrong place. You need to get professional help and get in touch with a therapist who will help you, face to face. You’re probably not suffering from low self-esteem because of your looks, the problem is elsewhere and you need to address it.

Psychology Today

Looks matter

But let’s be real. Unlike what some people say, society places a great deal of importance on your physical attractiveness. Regardless of demographics, place or time, the impact of physical attractiveness transcends boundaries in ways positive for people whose appearance is higher in physical attractiveness and negative for people whose appearance is lower in physical attractiveness.

Let’s work

Luckily, the amount of people who think they are unattractive but aren’t, are plenty. And almost always small tweaks can make a big difference. For many people, not really knowing how they are visually perceived can be a crippling and damaging experience. Some people don’t have the surroundings to get honest feedback. We are here to change that.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your work method?

On the basis of the photos you provide, a licensed psychologist will analyse them and provide his/her feedback.

The psychologist in question will only get access to your photos and thus will never know your real identity.

Depending on the advice your purchased, you will receive either a rating, a rating and strengths and weaknesses or an extended analysis with recommendations.

How does this help people?

Many people are unsure about their looks but don’t have anyone to talk or reflect about it. We are here to fill that void and provide feedback many need but can’t ask their peers, friends or family for.

How about my privacy?

Our service is the opposite of websites like Reddit where the global public would review your photos and you are exposed to the world. Here only your email address and your photos are required, as those are necessary for our service to work.

We pledge that your photos and information will only be in our systems until we have provided our analysis, will never be copied and will 100% be removed after analysis has been provided. Your photos will never be more than 48 hours in our possession.